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Silicone Ironing Hoses

We manufacture and provide silicone sealing O-Ring solutions suitable for many applications.Our in-house tool making division is equipped with the latest extrusion technology.The silicone seals O-Rings can be produced to both standard sizes-shapes and custom made shape to suit customer specifications. Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C while still maintaining its useful properties. Due to these properties and its ease of manufacturing and shaping, silicone rubber is used in o-rings, seals, and gaskets and can be found in a wide variety of products.

Silcap Silikon engineers can create custom hardness’s, colors,variety of profile shapes and industry certifications available upon request. At Silcap Extrusions we pride ourselves on the quality of our extruded products, whether they are simple or complicated profile shapes. This has given our customers confidence and trust that whatever the profile shape we will consistently manufacture within the tolerances required for each and every order. We ensure you get the product you want when and where you need it. We have the experience, know-how and on site facilities to get your product off the ground in a quick and efficient way, from responsive design service & small batch prototyping; right through to volume manufacturing.

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